President Sarkozy who addressed his supporters at a rally in southern town of St Raphael blasted "the caviar left who preach on immigration when they live on boulevard St Germain" refering to the socialist party leaders who slam the ruling party immigration policies while living in the rich neighbourhood of Bouvelard St-Germain in Paris.

In his speech, the presidential candidate seeking re-election made fun of socialist party primary that took place last year, saying: " What a strange campaign it has been. There have been several stages. First I watched as spectator, I wasn't a candidate. But the show was worth it. I saw a little club of excited people: the happy socialists club. No, you shouldn't. To be happy, it's simple: they're happy firstly when they are together. We didn't stop them. It was great. They had strawberries. We saw an intense friendship between them, we saw what it was what they call camaraderie. Then to be happy there needs to be an election but just between them, just to know if Francois will beat Martine, Martine will beat Laurent, no he?s always beaten, Laurent will replace Dominique..."

While criticizing the Socialists, the French president also invited far-right National Front supporters to vote for him at the first round to abort Socialist efforts to win the election. "There is no room for the extreme right. There is no forbidden territory in the republic. And there is not a single Frenchman I can be forbidden to speak to. That is what I think, here with you. Yes I want to speak to those of our fellow citizens who felt so powerless that at one stage they told themselves that the only freedom that was left to them was to say no. I want to tell them that I understand their suffering, but that a vote for the Front National would increase their suffering, not resolve their suffering, and that a vote for the Front National in a fortnight in the first round will help Mr Hollande as 20 years ago a vote for the Front National helped Francois Mitterand. That's the truth I wanted to tell you here in the department of Var", said Sarkozy

South-eastern France is known to be a stronghold of the National Front party with significant election results.