More importantly, it was in September 1993 that the Oslo Accords were signed by late leader Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Isaac Rabin under the auspices and blessings of former US President Bill Clinton.

Almost all TV channels worldwide broadcast images of President Mahmoud Abbas signing what was supposed to be a settlement of a long-standing conflict during which the Palestinian people have suffered occupation and humiliation.

Here we are 20 years later. No independence. No solution.

This is why I am addressing this open letter to Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestinian Authority (PA), architect of Oslo and President of the Palestinian people, who has the moral and historic responsibility to bring his people out of this suffering.

Mr Abbas, your entity is on the verge of asphyxia because of the economic crisis and corruption and because Arab countries as well as the US have not fulfilled their financial commitments towards the Palestinian Authority.

Many voices were raised to warn against the collapse of this "child of Oslo" although it is almost certain the West will not let such a possibility occur. Some concrete moves are being taken in order to thwart any dismantling of the PA, seen as a nightmare for Tel aviv because it would confront the state of Israel with its responsibilities as an occupying power.

Recently, France pledged to grant the Palestinian Authority around 10 million dollars. The Israeli government allowed three thousand Palestinians to work in Israel

Late in August and at the beginning of this September, Palestinians living in the West Bank took to the streets in various cities to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, some denouncing him as a traitor. Others demanded the outright dissolution of the Palestinian authority.

Mr Abbas, your entity has been shaken by a series of scandals. One of them concerned the sexual harassment involving a close minister and an employee in your office, who is married to a former Fatah prisoner. Another scandal that involved your chief of staff Rafik al-Husseini after the leak of a video showing him in a shameful posture.

History will record that the architect of the Oslo Accords did not achieve any of the ambitions he has promoted for years and years.

History will also record you dissolved a democratically-elected government just because Washington and Tel Aviv did not want to see Hamas in power, even though the decision of the Islamist movement to run in legislative elections was questionable because it contrasts with the founding principles of Hamas.

Indeed, this movement entered a political process under Oslo although it does not recognise these accords since it advocates the recovery of Palestine from the river to the sea and not only the territories occupied since 1967.

Mr Abbas you have always called on Palestinian factions to give peace a chance. For you negotiation is the only way to recover your people's rights. You fought against the militarisation of the Intifada and put hundreds of activists in jail "for the sake of peace".

Yet, has twenty years of fruitless negotiations brought freedom and peace? On the contrary, it brought division, and inter-Palestinian fighting. Gaza and the West Bank have never been so far from each other. Under the Oslo accords, the Palestinian Authority served and still does, as a border guard for the Occupation. Under Oslo, more and more land was stolen and confiscated. Under Oslo, the number of Jewish settlers doubled.

For the first time, the Jewish settlers population crossed the 350,000 mark in the West Bank this year. The number of settlers reached 262,000 living in 26 settlements in and around East Jerusalem, according to the figures released by the Palestinian bureau of statistics.

Mr Abbas, we still have in mind the Goldstone Report on the war against Gaza and how you asked for the delay of the vote on this report which was incidentally issued by a Jewish judge from South Africa who led the UN-fact finding mission on Gaza war.

Whatever you said to defend your decision, harm was done Mr Abbas!

What happened to the promise to resurrect Palestinian statehood bid at the United Nations? Nothing.

Although you pledged to submit the bid for recognition of Palestine as a state more than one year ago, you retracted your pledge. Instead of talking about full membership, you ended up promoting UN Observer status for Palestine and you are still hesitant on the timing of this long-awaited bid.

The reason? You cannot defy the US and Israeli opposition because of the financial blackmail exerted on the Palestinian Authority. That being said that, I personally do not see any point in requesting statehood status, because if ever it happens, it would be on paper alone and not based on any concrete achievement.

Mr Abbas, even Yossi Beilin, the co-architect of Oslo has urged you to announce the dissolution of the Palestinian Authority. This was an Israeli and not a Palestinian, let alone those factions which have opposed these accords since the beginning.

Please Mr Abbas, since you had the courage to be the architect of Oslo which helped Israel to shrug off the moral and material responsibilities of occupation, I am urging you to conduct a profound self-examination for the sake of your consciousness and the sake of your people, who have suffered for almost 100 years.

Give back this poisonous gift of the Occupation to its owner.

Dissolve the Palestinian Authority!